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Here at the Dortch Group our focus is on reducing cost for you, your business and your household.
Offering superior and affordable Nationwide PPO networks, including Health, Dental, Vision, short term Disability, Life, and Accident.

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Our Process

15 Minute Discovery Call

Once you have scheduled your discovery call, you will connect with your agent for  a straightforward and simple phone conversation to make sure we understand your specific wants and needs, so we can customize a health plan that is precisely built for you. You may take all the time you need to review the proposal that your agent will provide.


Your Application Process

Once you chose the health coverage plan that is right for you, we will schedule another 15-minute call.Together we will complete the application and submit your completed application electronically to the insurance company for consideration.


Continued Concierge Support

As soon as the application has been accepted you are in and part of the family. Your agent will also be your benefit advisor. Please make sure you keep your agent’s phone number on speed dial and reach out should you need anything. It is our pleasure to provide excellent and limitless customer service. We are here for you and are honored to serve you and ensure that doctors/hospitals/insurance and pharmaceutical companies also have your best interest at heart.

Health Insurance in almost every state in the U.S.

We provide health coverage services for the people in most States. Whether you are a young professional ready to embark on your life’s journey, are looking to give your family a great health coverage plan, or an individual running a business, our team is ready to set an health coverage plan that works for you and adapts your budget and needs.

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